OETC: Cancer Doesn’t Work Regular Business Hours

Monday, May 28, 2012

Baylor Cancer Hospital

The OETC is located on the ground floor of the new Baylor Cancer Hospital

Battling cancer is a full-time job.

Unfortunately, the battle can extend well beyond the regular 9-to-5 business hours.

In the past, after hours cancer care could be a problem.  Sometimes, it meant long waits in the emergency department or being admitted to the hospital for an overnight stay. Fortunately, for existing cancer patients of a physician at Baylor University Medical Center, the game has changed.

The Oncology Evaluation and Treatment Center (OETC), located on the ground floor of Baylor Cancer Hospital is open and provides urgent, non-emergency medical care on weeknights and around the clock on weekends. Patients must be referred to the OETC by their Baylor Dallas physician.

The center was created specifically for cancer patients. Staff are trained and knowledgeable about specific issues, symptoms and side effects related to cancer and its treatments.

The center is designed to lessen wait times for cancer patients to receive urgent but not emergency care.

In case of any emergency, patients should call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department, and cancer patients should only come to the OETC for care if instructed to do so by their oncologist.

Since cancer is a 24-hour disease, we’re proud to let you know we are here around the clock to help.

Dr. Alan Miller, chief of oncology for the Baylor Health Care System explains how the OETC will help existing cancer patients:

Can’t see the video? Click here.

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